This blog is dedicated and consecrated to God the Almighty Father. At the left is a picture of the first icon of God the Father in the Roman Catholic Church. It originated from the approved revelations of the Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio in 1932. This icon of God the Father is now housed in the Pro-Cathedral of God the Merciful Father in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

In pursuing these pages it is hoped that the reader will find inspiration for a deeper relationship with the First Person of the Blessed Trinity.  There is even more to this than becoming closer to Abba…It is to enter into the intimate “Love-life” of the Most Holy Trinity.  It is by entering into the Heart of the Father, that we are taken in and brought into the dynamic mutual outpouring of each Person of the Trinity. The Greek Fathers called this the tremendous dynamism ‘the round dance of the Trinity,’ and, we, out of the stupendous generosity of God are invited to join in this dance.