The Cross is the way to Me

“The trumpet has sounded. There can be no peace where your God and Father is denied. I desire an abrupt halt to the flagrant violation of My law! You speak of peace, My children. But I AM Peace! Your Lord God and Father is the Peace you require. Yet you look elsewhere, always for an end to your suffering. You shout, you demand that your Peace come down off the Cross of self-sacrificial suffering so all may see and believe. You believe in yourselves. This is a kingdom of self. Jesus was Christ the King of Israel—the Kingdom of God and His children. To this Kingdom you are called. For this Kingdom you were born. The Cross is the way to Me— the Cross of My Son Jesus. Do not crawl down, My children. By escaping death, you do not provide a miracle for all to see and believe. Rather, you fall to the earth and slither away—from Me . . . Now listen and be comforted. Your way is clear. I have made every attempt to clearly outline your path home to Me. You have My Son Jesus to lead you. Follow Him and pay close attention to My words when I say that all will be consumed in the love of God—soon, very soon” (Centilli, B. 2009. Seeing with the eyes of the soul).