Come to Me, little ones

“I am your Father Who is with you even now—as always. Can you not possibly know someone who lives so close to you—your entire life long? Think for awhile. I am by your side in every event of your life—everyone. We are not a hairsbreadth apart. How can you not know Me? Am I not revealed to you through My Son, through the people in your life—and through My creation? I am present in all these ways—and more. In the stirrings of your heart—I put them there. They are longings for your true Father and your true home—My divine heart. Children could not possibly be wanted more than Mine. They are My joy, My heart’s desire. Come to Me, little ones. Come to My knee, and spend time with Me. Know Me and trust in Me. I am your Father” (Centilli, B. 2009. Seeing with the eyes of the soul).