2000 and beyond – 5

Continuing on the subject of Blessed John Paul’s preparation plans for the New Millennium ~ particularly the year 1999 dedicated to God the Father – it becomes apparent that he is bringing us to the very heart of Divine Revelation: The intimate relationship of love and self-giving within the Most Holy Trinity.

In his work Against Heresies, St. Irenaeus alludes to Jesus and the Holy Spirit as being the two “hands” of the Father. And the good news of the the New Testament is precisely that, as such, the Father draws us to to Himself.

“In following Christ and belonging to him, Christians are engendered as children of the Father, and become, like him, ‘perfect as their Heavenly Father is perfect’ (Mt 5:48). Only in following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which brings them to imitate the Father and the Son in their mutual donation, and being drawn into that very donation, can Christians be truly faithful to their vocation” (O’Callaghan, P. 1996. In praise of His glory: the Fatherhood of God, Christ’s own perspective. In Preparing for the Year 2000).

And so, the Great Circle of Love takes place over and over again, with each one of God’s children. We come forth from the Father and return to Him through Baptism, by becoming one with Jesus Christ, through the presence of the Holy Spirit. However, this mystery is not just a spatial event, but a participation in the very intimate Family life within the heart of the Holy Trinity. To embrace this truth, and align our lives in accord with this Trinitarian invitation, is to keep alive the hopes and graces reserved for us in the New Millennium.