Wellspring of Joy

“We fittingly call God – and specifically, the First Person of the Blesssed Trinity  – ‘Father.’ He is the superabundant source of all that is, the ‘principle’ of everything, even within the Trinity. He is, as it were, the ‘wellspring of the joy of living’ (cf. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, Henry Van Dyck). He is the ‘Other,’ but the Other who cares and cares deeply for those dependent on Him. He is rich in mercy, seeking reconciliation, watching over His creation with providential love, with a wise and loving plan for human existence. His Fatherhood is manifested in deeds, in what He does for his children” (May, W. E. [2002]. The Mission of Fatherhood. In Josephinum Journal of Theology, Spring).


How sad was our fall

Oh! Adam if you only knew

that the test was simply to trust

that God’s intent for you was

“All that is Mine is yours!”