Going Home – 3

Home is at the heart of our desires.  Even if unexpressed, the experience of being connected or not to this deepest part of ourselves affects us deeply.  Unknown to the one addicted to alcohol or drugs; to another battling depression, or the one given over to rage ~ all stem from the inborn need to fulfill the primordial desire to be home.  Again to quote David R. Crawford:  “Home is not merely a physical place, its an experience felt deep in the heart.  Working on your house, rebuilding, painting, decorating, buying furniture is all an attempt to enrich your experience of home….The soul has a deep and demanding longing for a heart-felt sense of being at home.  A home provides a sense of contentment and place; qualities that offer security and identity.”

The Home of homes is the Father’s Heart.  We must come to this place of rest for our ultimate fulfillment.  Here family is experienced to the full with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  And yes, there is a mother.  Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son and Spouse of the Holy Spirit.  Our Blessed Mother who, not being divine, nevertheless belongs to the life of the Holy Trinity in a singular and unique way.  She has become the new “Ark of the Covenant” and “Gate of Heaven”  but most of all she is Mother.   And she, too, leads us to the Father.