Going Home – 1

A good pathway towards personal fulfillment is aligning ourselves to our own hearts.  We must enter into our hearts, because planted therein is the seed of who we really are and where we belong.  The words of St. Augustine, “O Lord, our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee,” describe well this universal desire, to come home.  Who we are and where we are going directly springs from where we already have been.

We can see this even in nature while watching the salmon persevere through great odds to return to the place of their origin.  They will brave the strong currents and rapids in order to ‘go home.’  In the quarterly Desert Call (Spiritual Life Institute Publications), David Crawford illustrates what we might call human migration.  In his article Our Restless Hearts, he writes, “Conversions are a ‘homecoming’ experience and that is why they appear to be so powerful.  Frequently conversions are experienced as an awakening of a new consciousness which has been dormant ever since the loss of innocence.  The ‘awakening’ is really a rediscovery and escavation of a long lost treasure.  The longing is for something we have lost.  And we must come back to the abode which we inadvertantly quitted.   We must discover ourselves in our original ‘home.’  We have a nostalgia for the familiar and we must come home…to discover our roots….Conversion experiences are the re-affirming of something already within us.  The need to dwell  (there) and be fully alive.”