St Irenaeus

The Church Fathers are important in the revelation of the Father, not only because of their status in the Church, but also because of their proximinity to Apostolic time.  St. Irenaeus, who lived between the years 130 and 200, speaks much about the Father in his writings.

“God is the source of all activity throughout creation…. Through His Word (Jesus) the whole creation learns that there is one God the Father, who holds all things together and gives them their being.  As it is written in the Gospel: ‘No man has ever seen God (Father) except the only-begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father; He has revealed him.’  From the beginning the son is the one who teaches us about the Father; he is with the Father from the beginning.  He was to reveal to the human race…the glorification of the Father, all in due order and harmony, at the appointed time and for our instruction.  Where there is order, there is harmony; where there is harmony, there is correct timing; where there is correct timing, there is also advantage.”

“The Word became the steward of the Father’s Grace for the advantage of men, for whose benefit he made such wonderful arrangements.  He revealed God to men and presented men to God.  He safeguarded the invisibility of the Father to prevent man from treating God with contempt and set before him a constant goal toward which to make progress.  On the other hand, he revealed God to men and made him visible in many ways to prevent man from being totally separated from God.  If  the revelation of God through creation gives life to all who live upon the earth, much more does the manifestation of the Father through the Word give life to those who see God” (Liturgy of the hours, Feast of St. Irenaeus; Vol. III).