Promises Remembered – 1

In order to deepen and appreciate the “Promise Fulfilled” of our Father [Genesis 3:15] it is good to recall and relish the many intervening “manifestations” during the long waiting period prior to the coming of the Babe in Bethlehem.

ABRAHAM: The emphasis in this long waiting is preparedness ~ preparing for the time when the “Offspring of the Woman” spoken in Eden will come to pass. There are passages or “proto-types” mentioned in God’s Word before Abraham [as an example, the story of Noah and the “saving ark” which alludes to the saving wood of the Cross of Jesus.]  But significant is the coming together of human history at the time of “Abram”  ~ when the  Father singles this man out for a very set purpose. Namely, to become a  bearer of the Promise because of his fidelity and response in Faith to a journey that will  end, not just in the Promised Land, but ultimately in the little hamlet named Bethlehem.